Over The Oven Microwave Installation

Over the oven microwave installation. Microwave plate warmers.

Over The Oven Microwave Installation

over the oven microwave installation


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Insanitarium Art Gallery

Insanitarium Art Gallery
Out of all of the abandoned structures that we’ve found while exploring Manitoba, this one’s got to be the most intriguing and unusual so far.

Right out of a sci-fi B movie, in the middle of nowhere, there’s this unconventional school building that my friend Brad has dubbed the "Insanitarium Art Gallery". Obviously abandoned, it was boarded up a long time ago and is now inhabited by birds and their droppings. There’s an alphabet hanging on steel cables over the absent floor (some sort of "installation"), a dead microwave oven resting on the mushy surface below, a couple carcasses, and a few paintings on the walls.

You can tell that the curator (or anybody else, for that matter) hasn’t been there in quite a while.

The most incredible thing? The place reeks of fresh oil paint.

I’m still trying to figure this place out.

(Video recorded with my phone, so please forgive the quality.)

oven 3-2-10 014

oven 3-2-10 014
work on oven continues. Here we are fitting front counter to front of oven. This slab is sandstone and roughly 60 (2m) inches end to end and 15inches (37cm) deep(front to back) and 2 & 1/2 inches (7cm) thick. It weighs at least a couple of hundred pounds (100kg). (was like getting a work- out, without having to go to the gym- moving it about!). Center red marked rectangle has been cut clean (easier to cut than the other stone!) to fit over the ash drop. Surface is flush w/ floor of oven (firebrick).
over the oven microwave installation
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